I am a fiction and creative non-fiction writer and I live in Edinburgh. The focus of much of my writing is migration, social history and remembrance. I am also the Community Writer in Residence for The Edinburgh International Book Festival’s Citizen Project.

My novel The Tin-Kin (Duckworth, 2009), is a fictionalised family story about three generations of Scottish Travellers, moving off the road and chaotically adapting to life in the town. An early chapter won the 2007 New Writing Ventures Award for Fiction, and the book went on to win the Saltire First Book of the Year Award in 2010. I was also featured on BBC TV’S The Culture Show as one the year’s best new novelists.

After my first child was born, I began researching and writing a work of narrative non-fiction. The book is about my grandmother Dora Tannenbaum, who settled in North East Scotland after being exiled from Germany in 1939. She was forced to leave behind a baby. The book explores my own journey into motherhood, alongside a literal journey to Berlin to try and recover the story of Dora’s early life, and find out what happened to her family.

My youngest child was born in 2014. She has an undiagnosed condition that affects many aspects of her development. For some time, writing and teaching took a back seat to family life, numerous bone surgeries, and intensive therapies. With my daughter now progressing well, stories, ideas and research questions have come back into focus, and I recently completed a PhD in creative writing.